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10 Most Dangerous Places in the World

10 Most Dangerous Places in the World

If you already planned your next vacation, here's a list of interesting places which are not recommended to visit. Some of the "proposals" may seem a bit controversial, but of course you will be the judge of that.

10. Russia

In this former Soviet state, statesmen donít wear Armani suits anymore. Instead, they are worn by gangsters and criminals. Russian Mafia is perfectly organized; there are more criminals than police. In Russia, a murder occurs every 18 minutes, or an average of 84 murders a day in a nation that has 143 million inhabitants. The core of the Russian crime is stationed in Chechnya, the Russian region in the south of Georgia. Chechens control the prostitution and drug trafficking. Foreigners are often victims of kidnappings and huge ransoms have to be paid for their release. Other crimes that occur are: pickpocketing, thefts of mobile phones, cameras, money and physical assaults. It used to be a superpower and now it is a Third World country, so people begin to ask themselves if communism was a real cure for Russia.

9. Brazil

If you travel to Brazil, itís not a question whether you will be robbed or not, the question is when it will happen. There is a huge difference between the extremely rich and extremely poor people in a country that is at the top of its economic growth. But the crime rate is also increasing. Street crime is a way of life in some parts of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. Although many people pass unharmed, it is not pleasant to be hit with a broken bottle just because you are wearing a bracelet. The number of so-called "rapid abductions" is great in the large cities. The victim is being forced to go to an ATM where they pay their own ransom. If you do not have enough money, thanks to mobile phone technology, your family is just a call away. Beside street crime, there is organized crime which led to corruption in government and police circles. Prison riots are brutally suppressed, narco-terrorism doesnít care about civilian casualties - and if you survive all that, the piranhas are waiting just for you...

8. South Africa

The nation which is called "the rape capital" really needs a big international aid. The number of rapes in South Africa increased to 113 in 2004, and the following year it went up to 119 per 100,000 persons. Another devastating statistic in South Africa is the murder rate. The host of the World Cup in soccer is constantly on top of the list of countries in the number of murders. Most of the crime takes place in poor areas, but not all of it. Armed guards protect the wealthy tourist groups from attacks across the country. Agriculture in South Africa has become one of the most dangerous activities. There are 313 farmers murdered on for every 100,000. That is more than the average murders in the state. Finally, like nowhere else in the world, sex can be very fatal in South Africa. There are more than 10 million people infected with HIV.

7. Burundi

This is a small, poor, and densely populated country which has big problems. The civil war between Hutu and Tutsi swept through the country in the period 1993 - 2006. A truce was declared but the two sides didnít follow the regulations set by the treaty. There is mass murder and chaos, and together with environmental problems they create a really difficult living atmosphere. A lot of government officials have been murdered, so you can see that a lot of people were in charge in that country. There are dozens of crimes committed by gangs and armed children. Robbery, kidnapping and hijacking cars are so common that you shouldnít even stop to buy souvenirs. If you get injured or wounded in Burundi, it could be a serious problem since there is no medical staff and no resources which would help you.

6. Antarctic

Murder, rape and pillage are not a problem in this part of the world, but hostile natural conditions certainly are. Antarctica is a place of extreme weather conditions where temperatures regularly drop below 140 degrees Fahrenheit, and the winds blow over 62 mph. If you are in these conditions for more than an hour, death is certain. Antarctic has no hospitals, food, roads, and there is no hope ... Always stay with the group. Interesting fact is that there is a real McDonald's restaurant in a base called Scott! Of course, if you manage to find it...

5. Afghanistan

This country has been one of the most important strategic points in the region for centuries. But, at the same time it is one of the poorest, least developed and most unstable countries. During the Soviet invasion, the Red Army set nearly 12 million landmines on its territory. Hundreds of people die each year because of these devices. After the Soviet rule, Taliban came to power. They didnít allow women to educate themselves and get a job. In 2001, the U.S. overthrew the Taliban, but banditry, tribal rivalries and drugs remain even today. Suicide bombers are a constant threat, and nobody in Afghanistan is safe. The deadliest attack occurred in Baghlan Province in November 2007, when more than 70 people were killed. Did we mention that Afghanistan is one of the largest suppliers of hashish and opium?

4. Somalia

Somalia is a state widely known for anarchy, corruption, and hunger. Passengers are advised not to enter the country and to go beside the "Horn of Africa." Pirates armed with AKs are circling the waters and you can easily become their victim. Inter-tribal fighting is particularly active in the north. In the capital, Mogadishu, the situation is not better. Ethiopia attacked Islamic troops in Somalia in late 2006, resulting in hundreds of casualties and internal displacement of thousands of people. If you do decide to go, make sure you have life insurance...

3. Sudan

Despair, death and destruction are synonymous for Sudan. Terrorism is the core of this country, which is controlled by Islamic military regimes since its independence. Some of the most famous killers have ended their lives in Sudan by car bombs and rocket attacks. Darfur is a region where the fight is going on between militias, government troops and local insurgent groups. Sudan is in open conflict with Chad partly due to the situation in Darfur. Since 2003, more than 230,000 Sudanese refugees fled to eastern Chad. More than 2 million people died in two civil wars in 50 years. Together with the bleak desert conditions, Sudan is one of the worst places on the planet.

2. Colombia

Abductions are a major problem in Colombia. In 1998, 2338 people were kidnapped and among them 138 were killed. On the list of countries with the highest number of murders, Colombia is in fourth place with 70 murders per 100,000 people. Most popular targets are mayors of cities. And of course, who can forget the cocaine? Colombia supplies 75% of the world with this narcotic. Pablo Escobar and the Cali cartel fought a bloody conflict against the government and the fight continues even today. Even those who work in peacekeeping missions were not spared of violence. In 2005, 5 Catholic missionaries had been brutally murdered. Colombia, with its beautiful coastline and beautiful countryside, should be a tourist paradise, but rather, it is one of the most feared destinations in the world.

1. Iraq

It does not matter if you are George Bush, Pele or Chuck Norris - you are not safe in Iraq. Despite its rich history and oil reserves, it is a nation destroyed by violence, despair and confusion. In 2003, the U.S. occupied Iraq and that led to civil war in which more than 650,000 civilians lost their lives. Al-Qaeda, Sunni insurgents, Shiite security forces, Kurdish rebels, American soldiers, Turkish troops and criminals are involved in a cycle of violence that unfortunately wonít stop soon. Bombs, mines and improvised explosive devices are a constant threat along with the suicide bombings. Kidnappings and random killings are a daily occurrence. Since 2003, more than 2 million Iraqis have fled to neighboring countries, while the other half of the 1.9 million who remained in Iraq were internally displaced. Depleted uranium keeps poisoning the Iraqi civilians and American soldiers. This is really hell on earth.

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